01. Where is the nursery located?

A. Our nursery is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad (route Map can be found on the contact us page). We do not have any display of plants at any other place in India.

02. From where are the plants and trees imported?

A. Our plants and trees come from 18 countries across the globe depending on the species and variety. To name a few we import from Spain, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Uruguay, Mexico & U.S.A.

03. Whether the plants survive in India?

A. We are mostly dealing with trees which sustain and grown in India climatic conditions. So, they will survive in India.

04. What kind of maintenance is needed for the plants / trees?

A. These plants do not require any special care or maintenance, regular watering and maintenance like any normal plants is more than enough.

05. Are all the plants & trees available in ready stock for immediate delivery?

A. Most plants / trees are available in stock at our Nursery, however we can import and supply any plant / tree within 2-3 months by order.

06. Do you have exact plant / trees in your nursery which you show in website / brochure?

A. The pictures shown in website or brochure are for idea and representation purpose of how they look, we have nearest looking plants / trees but not the exact ones shown in the pictures

07. Is there a price list for the plants / trees?

A. The pricing of plants / trees depend on type, size, age of each variety of plant / tree, so depending on your selected plants we can give pricing on case to case basis.

08. What other costs are involved for plants / trees?

A. Loading and transportation costs will be extra & shall be informed on case to case basis.

09. How can we place order for plants / trees?

A. We suggest visiting our nursery to personally select the plants / trees and place the order. However, you can also order through email once quotation with size price & picture is sent to you.

10. How are the plants / trees sent to the place of planting?

A. They will be sent by road in a truck by taking necessary care.

11. What are the payment terms?

A. Payment should be made 100% in advance for the entire order.

12. Do you also supply pots or planters along with plants / trees?

A. No, we only supply plants / trees, pots or planters must be sourced locally.

13. Do you send your person for planting of trees?

A. We do not usually send a person for planting as they can be handled by your regular garden supervisor, however if insisted we can send the person at an additional charge.

14. What arrangements are needed at the place where the plants are to be planted?

A. Pots, planters or pits need to be arranged depending on your plan & design. For large and heavy trees you have to arrange for a crane at the site for unloading & planting.

15. Do you also offer landscaping services?

A. No, we only supply plants and trees and do not provide any landscaping services or consultancy.

16. Do you take up Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) of the plants you supply?

A. No, we do not take up AMC.

17. Do you give any guarantee or replacement for damaged or non survival of plants / trees?

A. We do not give any guarantee or replacement for plants and trees once they are delivered. Survival of plants / trees depends on regular maintenance and care both of which are not in our control.