About us

Your dream landscape is within your reach with Unique Trees, the largest nursery in india spread over 500 acres, growing, importing, planting, nurturing, and maintaining a wide array of fully grown exotic verdant and hardy trees from sources across the globe.

These exotic and unique species of plants are imported from various countries like Italy, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, Vietnam, Thailand etc. just to name a few. They are specially selected for habitat compatibility and crafted keeping in mind the aesthetic, design and landscaping needs of the commercial and residential establishments in India.

Each plant / tree at Unique Trees is a style statement of stunning elan which will enhance the ambience and landscape in an unprecedented way.


To provide the Indian Landscapes with an exotic & imported collection of most beautiful trees from across the world along with other elements to compliment the landscape designs.


To create and manage beautiful, stunning, and sustainable landscapes in India with exotic trees from select environments across the globe for diverse customers ranging from organizations to individuals, while ensuring the bio-diversity of the region is totally conserved and no adverse affects befall it from the imported plants.